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Титанік (англ. мова) (4K UHD + Bonus Blu-ray) [25th Anniversary]

Титанік (англ. мова) (4K UHD + Bonus Blu-ray) [25th Anniversary]

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Дата релізу:

Оригінальна назва: Titanic

Жанр: Драма, Мелодрама, Історичний, Пригоди, Фільм-катастрофа

Рік: 1997

Страна: США

Тривалість: 194 хв. / 03:14

Носій: BD-100 + BD-50

Кількість дисків: 2

Регіон: A, B, C

Найбільша трагедія, вічна тема кохання – постійний глядацький інтерес. Класика сучасного видовищного кіно Невід'ємна частина колекції будь-якого кіноману та історія, яку має подивитися кожен. Молоді закохані Джек і Роза знаходять один одного в першому та останньому плаванні «непотоплюваного» Титаніка. Вони не могли знати, що шикарний лайнер зіткнеться з айсбергом у холодних водах Північної Атлантики, і їхнє пристрасне кохання перетвориться на бій зі смертю…



Аудіо & Субтитри

Англійська Dolby Atmos
Англійська DTS-HD MA 5.1
Англійська Dolby Digital 2.0
Французька (Канадська) Dolby Digital 5.1
Іспанська (Латиноамериканська) Dolby Digital 5.1

Англійська, Французька (Канадська), Іспанська (Латиноамериканська)

Бонусні матеріали:

Over 15 hours of SPECIAL FEATURES including:

• Titanic: Stories From The Heart – Director James Cameron, producer Jon Landau and star Kate Winslet share memories and favorite moments, and recount the challenges of making the greatest love story in cinema history. Go back in time with film clips, photos and behind-the-scenes moments.
• Behind-the-Scenes Presentation Hosted by Jon Landau – Jon Landau introduces a series of behind-the-scenes segments showcasing the making of Titanic.
• Trailer Presentation Hosted by Jon Landau – Jon Landau shares an inside glimpse into the marketing of Titanic with a story of how a 4-minute trailer overseen by the filmmakers was delivered to theaters, instead of the original "action" trailer.
• Fan Poster Art Gallery

• Titanic: 25 Years Later with James Cameron – James Cameron explores the enduring myths and mysteries of the shipwreck, and mounts tests to see whether Jack could have fit on that raft and survived.
• Commentaries
- Director Commentary by James Cameron (2005) – Watch the film with audio commentary by director James Cameron.
- Cast And Crew Commentary (2005) – Watch the film with audio commentary by cast and crew.
- Historical Commentary by Don Lynch and Ken Marschall (2005) – Watch the film with historical audio commentary by Don Lynch and Ken Marschall.
• Reflections on Titanic
- Part 1 – With Titanic, James Cameron envisioned making a movie on a scale Hollywood had never seen before — from creating the set to casting the leads to ensuring there was a heartfelt story at the center. Many on the outside thought that Titanic would fail.
- Part 2 – Like the captain of a ship, James Cameron planned to go down with Titanic whether it succeeded or not. After pushing back the release date to December, test screenings around the globe proved to the team that this film was something special.
- Part 3 – Around the world, moviegoers were singing Titanic's praises. The emotional connection audiences made with the film launched Titanic into the pop culture stratosphere. Decades later, Titanic is still referenced, parodied and beloved by fans everywhere.
- Part 4 – Remastered in 3D for a 2012 re-release — coinciding with the centennial anniversary of the Titanic's tragic voyage — the film's timeless story of romance, drama and action still resonates with audiences everywhere.
- Deleted Scenes – Check out scenes that didn't make the final cut.
• James Cameron Introduction (2005)
- “I’ll Be The First”
- Rose Feels Trapped
- Brock’s Dilemma / Rose Visits Third Class
- Rose’s Dreams
- Come Josephine…
- Sneaking to First Class (extended)
- Escape from Lovejoy (extended)
- A Kiss in the Boiler Room
- Wireless Room / The Californian
- “How ‘Bout a Little Ice?”
- Flirting with Ice
- The First “S.O.S.”
- Ismay Panics
- Molly Brown’s Rowing School
- Irish Hospitality
- Ida Straus Won’t Leave
- Farewell to Helga
- Boat Six Won’t Return
- Release the Hounds
- A Husband’s Letter
- Jack and Lovejoy Fight
- Guggenheim and Astor
- “I’m Not Going”
- Cora’s Fate
- Jack and Rose in the Water (extended)
- “Out of the Question”
- “How Dare You!”
- Chinese Man Rescue
- Carpathia Sequence (extended)
- Alternate Ending
- Deleted Scenes with James Cameron Commentary – All deleted scenes also available with commentary.
• Additional Behind the Scenes
- Deep Dive – James Cameron discusses the preparation that went into filming the underwater scenes of the Titanic wreck.
- Upside-Down Wreck Miniature – Motion control operator Jim Rider and model crew chief Gene Rizzardi detail how they flipped the model of the Titanic wreck upside down to get the perfect shot.
- Escondido Underwater Set – The crew builds the Titanic wreck in an underwater tank in Escondido, duplicating the effects of the ship being underwater for decades.
- Two Roses – Gloria Stuart (Old Rose) and Kate Winslet (Rose Dewitt Bukater) meet to work on perfecting their character's mannerisms and continuity throughout the film.
- Sinking Simulation – Lewis Abernathy (Lewis Bodine) and James Cameron explain how the Titanic sank, and why the simulation of the ship sinking is shown in the film.
- 1912 Morph Transition VFX – Visual effects supervisor Rob Legato explains why models of both the Titanic wreck and the ship in its prime were built. He also talks about new technology that was created to convey James Cameron's vision.
- Melting Pot – The crew discusses how the extras on the set came from different backgrounds and bonded during their time working on the film.
- The Millionaire’s Suite – To emphasize the differences between the classes on the Titanic, executive producer Rae Sanchini and producer Jon Landau ensured that the fictional aspects of the story didn't interfere with the historically accurate parts.
- Titanic at Sea – Visual effects supervisor Rob Legato details how the shots of the Titanic in the water were achieved without rebuilding the ship in its entirety.
- Digital People – Visual effects supervisor Rob Legato discusses how motion capture was used to populate the ship and make the scenes more realistic.
- The Big Exterior Ship Set – The crew describes the ship they built, including the parts they chose not to build.
- Rose Suicide – Director of photography Russell Carpenter reveals the intricacies of blocking and shooting the scene where Rose contemplates suicide.
- Tux Story – How Jack got a tuxedo for his first-class dinner with Rose.
- The Grand Staircase – Art director Martin Laing and production designer Peter Lamont explain how they recreated the grand staircase from the Titanic.
- First-Class Dining Shoot – How the crew recreated the dining saloon, down to the last detail, and how they prepared to drop it into a tank of water for the Titanic's sinking scenes.
- The Dinner Shoot – The cast reveals how they made the long shoots in the dining saloon more entertaining.
- Third-Class Party – Kate Winslet recounts the joy of shooting the dancing scene in the film.
- A Woman’s Place – The cast and crew discuss Rose's place as a woman in the 20th century, and how she broke free of the mold created for women like her.
- The Etiquette Kid – Etiquette coach Lynne Hockney gives James Cameron some suggestions for how to direct the mothers and children in the dining room.
- The Boiler Room – Art director Martin Laing and production designer Peter Lamont describe how they built the boiler room and made the environment look realistic.
Flooding Hold Miniature – Model crew chief Gene Rizzardi explains how they built a rig connected to a fire hose to mimic the hold flooding.
- Boiler Room Flooding – The crew discuss the difficult, yet fun, shooting of the boiler room flooding scene.
- Shooting In Steerage – The cast and crew recount the difficulties of navigating the hallway sets during filming.
Kate's Action Costume – Costume designer Deborah Scott describes the dress Kate Winslet wore in the latter half of the film.
- Lifeboats 13 and 15 – See how this gripping scene — the descent of two lifeboats full of panicking people escaping the sinking ship — was coordinated.
- Stage Two Sinking Set – Go behind the scenes of Jack and Rose's escape through the flooding hallways of the ship's underbelly.
- Faking A Tilt – Jon Landau reveals some of the visual tricks the filmmakers employed to make the sinking of the ship more realistic and terrifying.
- Falling Funnel – The Skotak brothers explain how they helped create the stunning moment when a smokestack falls, crushing passengers and creating a wave that disrupts the flow of lifeboats.
- Sinking Videomatic – Explore the filming methods used to achieve James Cameron's exact vision of the sinking sequence.
- Vertical Poop Deck Stunts – Catch the amazing stunts performed on the vertical poop deck where actors had to safely fall down the "sinking ship.
- Exterior Tank Shoot – See the testing of the cold, open-air tank that was used to film dozens of extras portraying floating, frozen corpses.
- Ice Makeup – Get a behind-the-scenes look into how the makeup team captured the harrowing aftermath of those in the water on the night that the Titanic sank.
- Open Lifeboats And The Carpathia – Ken Marschall's emotional painting — of Titanic's survivors reaching the Carpathia — is brought to life on screen.
- Carpathia Medal – See the medals gifted to the crew of the Carpathia — upon the ship's return to New York — from the eternally grateful survivors of the Titanic
- Making The Music Video – Celine Dion speaks about the honor of singing Titanic's beautiful theme song and filming the music video.
- Deep-Dive Presentation Narrated by James Cameron – Narrated by James Cameron, this video features footage from the actual Titanic wreck. Hear how the wreck inspired his vision for the film and learn about some of the obstacles getting footage from the actual wreck to use in the film.
• $200,000,001: A Ship's Odyssey (The Titanic Crew Video) – See funny moments on set with some of the cast and crew.
• Videomatics
- Videomatics Introduction – Join James Cameron and the rest of the crew to see how they used previsualization and videomatics to prepare for shooting.
- Sinking Sequence – See how James Cameron brought his vision of the sinking Titanic to life before it was shot.
Deep Dive – Learn how James Cameron prepared, before the crew entered the water, for their deep dive and shooting of the Titanic wreck.

• Visual Effects
- VFX Shot Breakdown: "Engine Room" – Discover how the engine room was made to look realistic.
- VFX How-To For "I'm Flying" – Learn how the crew placed Jack and Rose at the bow of the ship for the "flying" scene.
- VFX How-To For "First-Class Lounge" – Discover how Rose and others were placed using the miniature model of the first-class lounge.
- Titanic Sinking Simulation – Take a look at a reference simulation created to see how the ship sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.
• Music Video “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion – Watch and listen to Celine Dion perform the award-winning song “My Heart Will Go On,” written for the movie by Will Jennings and James Horner.
• Still Galleries

Режисер & Актори

Режисер: Джеймс Кемерон

У ролях: Леонардо ДіКапріо, Кейт Уінслет, Біллі Зейн, Розалінд Ейріс, Кеті Бейтс, Глорія Стюарт, Білл Пекстон, Бернард Хілл, Девід Уорнер, Джонатан Хайд, Сюзі Еміс, Віктор Гарбер, Йоан Гріффіт, Дженетт Голдстайн, Мартін Джен, , Рон Доначі, Майкл Енсайн, Ерік Брайден, Анатолій Сагалевич, Джейсон Баррі, Еван Стюарт, Френсіс Фішер, Джонатан Філліпс, Льюїс Абернаті, Марк Ліндсей Чепмен, Ніколас Касконе, Річард Грем, Саймон Крейн, Пол Брайтл Фанні Бретт, Камілла Овербай-Рус, Лінда Кернс, Емі Гайпа, Рошель Роуз, Браян Уолш, Роккі Тейлор, Олександра Оуенс, Скотт Г. Андерсон, Джеймс Ланкастер