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Oppenheimer (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Black Vinyl 3LP)

Oppenheimer (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Black Vinyl 3LP)

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Издатель: Mondo

Рік: 2023

Носій: LP

Кількість дисків: 3

Triple black vinyl LP pressing.
Driven by an unwavering desire to capture the delicate intersection between beauty and dread, Göransson's creative endeavors manifested in an array of captivating experiments. Techniques such as the incorporation of microtonal glissandos were deftly employed to expand the sonic palette, infusing the music with an ethereal quality. Collaborating with esteemed musicians from the Hollywood Studio Orchestra, Göransson began shaping Oppenheimer's musical world with an intimate solo violin performance, capturing the essence of the character. As the story evolved, the ensemble gradually expanded to include a quartet, octet and ultimately a large ensemble of strings and brass. This progressive orchestration reflected the deepening complexity of Oppenheimer's journey, enriching the musical tapestry with each new addition.


A1. Fission
A2. Can You Hear The Music
A3. A Lowly Shoe Salesman
A4. Quantum Machanics
A5. Gravity Swallows Light

B1. Meeting Kitty
B2. Groves
B3. Manhattan Project
B4. American Prometheus
B5. Atmospheric Ignition

C1. Los Alamos
C2. Fusion
C3. Colonel Pash
C4. Theorists
C5. Ground Zero

D1. Trinity
D2. What We Have Done
D3. Power Stays In The Shadows

E1. The Trial
E2. Dr. Hill
E3. Kitty Comes To Testify
E4. Something More Important

F1. Destroyer of Worlds
F2. Oppenheimer