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The Sound Of Music (Original Soundtrack Recording) [Deluxe Edition] (Vinyl 3LP)

The Sound Of Music (Original Soundtrack Recording) [Deluxe Edition] (Vinyl 3LP)

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Издатель: Craft Recordings

Рік: 2023

Носій: LP

Кількість дисків: 3

Newly expanded, remastered and remixed edition of the one of the bestselling soundtracks of all time. With 14 previously unreleased tracks, this 3-LP triple gatefold set collects every musical element from the film for the very first time. Includes the Rodgers & Hammerstein classics "My Favorite Things," "Edelweiss," "Do-Re-Mi," "Maria" and many more. [Deluxe Edition] [3 LP] Special Pkg: 180g Heavy Vinyl.


Disc: 1
Side A
1 Prelude And The Sound Of Music (Film Version)
2 Preludium (Dixit Dominus)
3 Overture
4 Maria (Film Version)
5 Morning Hymn And Alleluia
6 The Little Dears
7 I Have Confidence (Film Version)

Side B
1 Sixteen Going On Seventeen (Film Version)
2 My Favorite Things (Part 2) And Salzburg Montage
3 My Favorite Things (Part 1)
4 Do-Re-Mi
5 New Governess
6 The Gazebo

Disc: 2
Side A
1 The Lonely Goatherd
2 The Captain Apologizes
3 The Laendler
4 The Sound Of Music (Reprise) (Film Version)
5 You Must Help It
6 Grand Waltz
7 Edelweiss (Duet)
8 Alleluia (Reprise)

Side B
1 Edelweiss Waltz (Act I Finale)
2 So Long, Farewell (Film Version)
3 Morning Hymn (Organ)
4 Goodbye Maria (How Can Love Survive)
5 Processional Waltz
6 Entr'acte
7 Children To The Abbey
8 The Sound Of Music (Fragment)
9 Climb Ev'ry Mountain (Film Version)

Disc: 3
Side A
1 My Favorite Things (Reprise)
2 Nocturne - Captain And Maria
3 Nocturne - Captain And Elsa
4 Processional And Maria (Film Version)
5 Something Good (Film Version)

Side B
1 So Long, Farewell (Festival Reprise)
2 Escape
3 Nuns And Nazis
4 Unthinkable
5 End Cast
6 The Awards Fanfare
7 Climb Ev'ry Mountain (Reprise)
8 The Laendler (Quintet)
9 Sixteen Going On Seventeen (Reprise)
10 Edelweiss (Festival Reprise)
11 Do-Re-Mi (Festival Reprise)