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Avatar (Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Vinyl LP)

Avatar (Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Vinyl LP)

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Издатель: Music on Vinyl

Рік: 2022

Носій: LP

Кількість дисків: 1

180-gram black vinyl in a gatefold sleeve with 6 page insert. The 2009 epic science fiction film Avatar is written, directed, produced and co-edited by James Cameron. Avatar was scored by James Horner, who previously worked together with Cameron on Aliens and Titanic. He collaborated with ethnomusicologist Wanda Bryant, to create a music culture for the alien race. The theme song "I See You" is recorded with British singer Leona Lewis.


Side A
1 You Don't Dream in Cryo.
2 Jake Enters His Avatar World
3 Pure Spirits of the Forest
4 The Bioluminescence of the Night
5 Becoming One of "The People" Becoming One with Neytiri
6 Climbing Up "Iknimaya - the Path to Heaven"
7 Jake's First Flight

Side B
1 Scorched Earth
2 Quaritch
3 The Desctruction of Hometree
4 Shutting Down Grace's Lab
5 Gathering All the Na'vi Clans for Battle
6 War
7 I See You (Theme from Avatar)