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The Naked Gun (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Exclusive Blue Swirl Vinyl LP)

The Naked Gun (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Exclusive Blue Swirl Vinyl LP)

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Издатель: Mondo

Год: 2023

Носитель: LP

Кол-во дисков: 1

In honor of its 35th anniversary, Rusted Wave and 1984 Publishing, in conjunction with Paramount Pictures, are pleased to release THE NAKED GUN score by renowned composer Ira Newborn, PLUS "The Star-Spangled Banner" (vocals by Leslie Nielsen) and "I'm Into Something Good" (vocals by Peter Noone / written by Carole King).
Starring the late, great Leslie Nielsen, THE NAKED GUN is a cult comedy classic and quintessential 80s flick. For the first time on vinyl, this LP is housed in deluxe gatefold packaging and pressed on Mondo Exclusive blue swirl vinyl. LP also comes with a 7"x10" Japanese mini-poster!


Side A
1 Beirut Vacation
2 Drebin the Hero
3 Main Title
4 Dock of the Nordberg/Murder By Cake
5 Drebin Takes a Snoop/To Ludwig's
6 Our Miss Spencer/Air Bag Drebin
7 Sting/Beeper Mom/Anyone Can Be An Assassin
8 Beeper Doc/The Exciting Chase
9 A Lonely Drebin
10 Drebin Acrobat/Meat Miss Spencer
11 The Seduction
12 Frank Goes Bump-Bump/Somebody Killed My Scene
13 Out on the Ledge

Side B
14 Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder/The Slaughterhouse
15 Cocktails for Five
16 Drebin's Haze/I'm a Lucky Woman/Sting (Alternate)
17 Las Chapanecas (Organ)
18 God Save the Queen (Organ)
19 The Star-Spangled Banner (Vocals By Leslie Nielsen)
20 Blooper Vision
21 La Raspa (Organ)
22 Baseball Medley (Organ)
23 The Third Out Beep/Frank, Frank, Frank
24 I Must Kill Frank
25 I'm Into Something Good (End Credits Version / Vocals By Peter Noone)